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Mitigator ®

2013 is a big year for Mitigator ... it’s our 10th birthday!

Actually it’s the 10th birthday for our software and the Mitigator company ... as individual employees and consultants we’ve been supporting organisations with their business continuity for much longer.

We have over 20,000 hours combined experience specifically on business continuity and each principal consultant has 25 years experience in operations and technology management, internal and external audit, operational risk and business continuity.

The organisations we support have ranged in size from small (1 business continuity plan and 30 staff) to large (>100 business continuity plans, multiple templates and thousands of staff located around the world).

In some organisations our support is a combination of both consulting and the use of our software tool. In others we provide support just through consultancy and, for some we just provide support for our software tool.

Irrespective of the service we provide, we are committed to:

  • Assisting management and staff develop cost-effective business continuity solutions and programs that follow good practice and comply with international and local standards;
  • Being flexible in our approach, to provide practical solutions best suited to requirements;
  • Using our expertise to identify gaps and recommend appropriate action; and
  • Ensuring we deliver a quality product/service.

Our track record of developing and maintaining long term relationships with our clients is testament to this.

Integral to this relationship, we have worked with our clients to continually enhance our software to meet their changing needs and the changes in standards and good practice.

And we’re excited about the future of resilience. Our Mitigator Business Continuity System is already an invaluable analysis and decision support tool through our data and relationship model. It’s providing a springboard for evolution.